Mastering Your Memory Power
Memory Skills that Drive Student Achievement & Personal Success

Every success and accomplishment in life is proof of an accurate and powerful memory.

Whether in school, work or personally, having a strong, dependable memory directly affects the quality of your life.  It determines the grades you receive, the schools you’ll attend, the jobs you will have, the money you will make, the quality of your relationships, and ultimately how well you lead your life – especially as you get older.

If you have ever had your mind go blank during a test or when meeting someone new, feel your responsibilities are outstripping your abilities, suffer from information overload, or just want to strengthen your memory power … then you need this program.

FACT: We all are born with a phenomenal memory, we are never taught how it works or how to use it.

In one hour, you can sharpen your brain’s powerhouse memory processing ability and understand what makes information unforgettable. In three hours, your immersion and mastery of the 3 MemoryPower fundamental systems is complete and you’ve discovered what a capable and powerful memory your possess. You’ve begun to re-wire your brain to achieve amazingly fast recall and learned the 5 laws of MemoryPower and the 10 day rule to help your memory stay strong and keep information at your fingertips.

FACT: There is no such thing as a poor memory, only an “untrained memory.”

By the end of a Day 1 program you will have achieved a comprehensive mastering of all the Bornstein MemoryPower systems and possess new and efficient ways to organize and retain large amounts of useful everyday data or academic facts.

You will know precise strategies and methods for remembering increasingly complex and varied types of information, including numbers, words, formulas, steps in procedures, processes, lists, names, faces and facts. Every new practice strengthens your brain’s MemoryPower capabilities as the neurons you use to create recall get more selective with training, more efficient, and process faster. These incredible tools will help you save time and immediately get better results!

FACT: We are never taught anything about special and advanced memory techniques and how to use it to our advantage.

If you are determined to achieve a level of Memory Expert, then Day 2 will complete your training. Today focuses on elevating your proficiency in the systems to the level of expert. More than triple your memory recall capacity using the Bornstein Key Word number system and sharpen your observation skills, focus, and powers of concentration with the most advanced practice. This precise process hard-wires your capability to manage and control any type of information.

In addition, drill-down reading skills for speed and comprehension, the Mind-Mapping system for note-taking and planning, organizing and giving presentations from memory, active listening and recall, learning foreign languages, more number retention, and your examples. Every participant is encouraged to bring examples for group practice. The sooner you connect the methods to your need, the better. Perfect for students facing mountainous volumes of learning – graduate students in law or medicine, licensing exams (Series 7, CPA, Bar, Boards, Industry related).

FACT: If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get the same results you’ve always gotten.

With Scott Bornstein’s MemoryPower training, you will possess a stronger memory and total confidence to remember what you should not forget. What can we help you remember?

Bornstein Memory Training …. making memory experts since 1952 across 50 countries.

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Average SAT/ACT Scores will Limit Your College Choices!
Expert Skills for Standardized Test-Taking Success

Upgrade your know-how now to maximize SAT/ACT/PSAT scores, conquer test anxiety, and achieve your best performance.

Have you ever envied those people who are good test-takers? Up until now, students either “had it” or they didn’t.

Change that immediately with Best-Prep’s workshop for the SAT/ACT/PSAT. Learn from the Best as you become fully prepared to answer the hardest critical reading, writing, and math questions with confidence and accuracy. Score higher and get better grades!

You only need 2 weekends to master Best-Prep’s proven systems & test-taking secrets and increase your ability to work better under time and pressure. Overcome math anxiety, train to read for maximum understanding and results, write more effectively, and use practices from real SAT and ACT tests to chart your success.

Internationally recognized for their expertise, Scott Bornstein and Dr. Marilyn Simon, co-founders of the Best-Prep systems, will show you how to unleash higher scores and standardized test-taking excellence. 26 hours of power-packed review and strategies!

Why over-pay, spend needless-hours in class doing problems you can answer, or work with uninspiring, underpaid part-time instructors? Be test-wise, test-ready, relaxed and confident so you perform to your best knowing:

• MemoryPower Systems & Academic Success Secrets
• Test-Taking Systems & Essay Writing Practices
• Math & Vocabulary Mastery • Grammar that Matters
• Reading for Speed, Comprehension & Higher Scores
• Critical Reading & Sentence Completion Strategies
• Best-Prep’s Rubric for Writing Under Time & Pressure
• Writing Successful College Application Essays
• THE 14 Most-Tested Math Concepts!
• Averages/Percentages • Algebra and Word Problems
• Geometry/Right Triangles • Calculator Use
• Guessing Techniques that REALLY Work!
• Study Schedules, Essay Critiques & Email Updates

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