The Power of Memory
Expert Skills for Personal & Professional Success

The secret weapon and core competency of all successful executives, leaders, and professionals is a powerful and accurate memory.

Whether it’s names & faces, facts at your fingertips, follow-ups, numbers, or customer details, your ability to work efficiently and make a lasting positive impression relies on your greatest trainable asset … your memory power.

If you feel overwhelmed by too much information, dread the embarrassment of your mind going blank during introductions or presentations, or just need to strengthen a weak memory, then this high level, interactive, deep-dive into memory expertise by renowned memory expert Scott Bornstein is for you!

Developed exclusively for leaders, CEOs, executives, and sales and management teams across 50 countries, Scott Bornstein will teach you the world’s most powerful systems for rapid and long-term recall of business-critical knowledge, processes, and names & faces.

Every day you are judged by not only what you remember but how well you can remember it.

With Scott Bornstein’s systems, you will walk away amazed and smarter, with unfailing confidence in your memory power to achieve greater personal, professional, and leadership success.

Qualifies for continuing professional education/CEU. Other topics include: The MemoryPower Competitive Advantage, Memory Power for Sales Teams, The Mind-Mapping System

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The MemoryPower Advantage
Essential Skills that Drive Personal & Professional Success

Did you know that 50 percent of all we see and hear is gone within five minutes.  Two thirds is lost before an hour is over.  By the next day, the figure is 90 percent.

Whether it’s memory for names and faces, customer or employee details, day to day tasks, or facts for a meeting or test … when memory fails, credibility and influence suffer, mistakes happen, and results are compromised.

Our program features Scott Bornstein, Chief Memory Training Expert to CEOs, professionals, management and sales teams, and students and families for more than 25 years to groups across 50 countries.

Today Scott will show you how to take command of the single most important personal, professional, or academic skill a successful person must possess – an accurate and powerful memory.

In this surprising and immensely entertaining program, you will learn how to harness your greatest untrained asset – your memory power – to increase your effectiveness and performance at work, home or school.

Incidentally, in addition to acquiring powerhouse strategies and tools for a lifetime of success, Scott will also make you feel like the smartest person in the room.

Scott’s topic and presentation style solves your greatest programming challenge – spousal events – with an irresistible blend of “wow”, humor, fun, participation, personal and professional development, value, and take-away. Perfect for family events with children ages 11-12 and older.

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