MemoryPower for Executives & Professionals
Leadership & Performance Skills for Executives, Managers & Leaders

The secret weapon and core competency of all successful executives, managers and leaders is a powerful and accurate memory. 

Whether it’s a group of people you’re about to meet, delivering a presentation to colleagues or clients, communicating core values and performance expectations to direct reports, or knowing details about everyone that works for you, your ability to influence others relies on your greatest trainable asset … your memory power.

Designed specifically for the busy executive or manager, this high level, interactive, deep-dive into memory expertise by renowned memory expert Scott Bornstein will give you powerful training to sharpen personal and leadership excellence and newfound capability to remember facts, numbers, and names & faces with ease and accuracy.

Through this framework, case studies and customized to your specific business objectives, Scott will deliver solutions to your toughest operational and people challenges with strategies and tools that you can use immediately to align culture, execution, training, sales and marketing.

At the heart of every executive’s success and influence – actionable knowledge and insight • giving others the tools to grow • passion, poise and presence • mentoring performance champions • listening and relationship skills •  commitment to continuous learning and personal growth – is an unfailing confidence and uncommon ability to remember what must not be forgotten.

Step away from the usual agenda to engage a seasoned group, develop professionally, and keep opportunities and results flowing! 

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MemoryPower for Sales & Customer Service
Expert Skills that Influence Sales, Performance & Profits

The secret weapon and core competency of all successful sales and customer service professionals is a powerful and accurate memory.

Whether it’s names and faces, numbers, client details or conversations, every customer interaction is an opportunity to build trust and credibility and demonstrate your capability to deliver for your customer, your company and yourself. 

Developed exclusively for the busy sales, customer service, back-office and front-line professional, this deep-dive into memory expertise for sales and customer service professionals by renowned memory expert Scott Bornstein will teach you the most important skill-set a person can have to improve professionalism, job performance, the customer experience, and most importantly, to close more sales.

Using Scott’s MemoryPower metrics, best practices and simulations, and your sales systems and marketing content, discover how to have unfailing confidence in your memory power to eliminate the knowledge and performance gaps that hurt execution, collaboration and customer relationships. 

Every point of customer contact is a memory test. Do you need better skills to pass it? 

Here’s a perfect opportunity to align teams and operations in an “outside the box” training that will have an immediate impact on sales and service. These tools will benefit everyone in the company, immediately, that day, to be more knowledgable, professional, poised and effective. 

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The MemoryPower Competitive Advantage
Core Skills that Drive Superior Learning & Professional Development 

Are you responsible for training new hires or legacy employees, subject matter experts or CSRs, driving best-practices for sales and operations, or coaching leadership development for supervisors and managers? 

Would you like to see retention rates soar, transfer rates accelerate, training time reduced, and the application of your training speed across the company? 

Learn this and more as we show you how to facilitate the world’s #1 memory training curriculum to dramatically improve the design and delivery of your training programs and development initiatives. 

Whether you’re onboarding new hires, designing company curriculum, launching marketing or strategic initiatives, running an annual sales meeting or leading a client appreciation event, success will always be measured by what and how much can be remembered and made actionable. 

Simple and engaging, active and experiential, discover firsthand as a participant how the MemoryPower curriculum can unlock learning and unleash performance. Then experience a new level in your training development as you become a content master of the 1/2 day immersion curriculum and then drill-down with Scott on your content to create a training program or enhance an existing one. 

Adapt, adopt and apply this proven process during this 2 1/2 day workshop to create powerful learning that increases  understanding, retention, application and content transfer! 

If it’s worth knowing, it’s worth remembering. We can help you make that happen.

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