Memory Training for Lawyers

Did you know that 50 percent of all we see and hear is gone within five minutes. Two thirds is lost before an hour is over. By the next day, the figure is 90 percent.

Whether it’s memory for names and faces, presentations, client or juror details, passwords, numbers or key facts, when memory fails, credibility suffers and results are compromised.

In this powerhouse training, Scott Bornstein will dramatically sharpen the most significant professional skill a successful lawyer must have – an accurate and powerful memory. Increase your memory power to handle the barrage of data that challenge you daily and engage in a practicum that drills down targeted tools and systems to recall critical information you must not forget.

Developed exclusively for the busy lawyer or legal professional, Scott Bornstein will re-wire your memory power to immediately improve personal and professional effectiveness, and most importantly, manage the information overload in your life.

Step away from the usual agenda to challenge and energize a seasoned group, develop professionally, and master your memory power for continued success!

Qualifies for CLE & MCLE. Other topics include: MemoryPower for Legal Assistants, Memory Training for Law Students.

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