Scott Bornstein
Chief Memory Training Expert

Scott Bornstein is simply unforgettable.

Founder of MemoryPower for Sales, Performance & Profits, Scott has had the privilege to share his astounding demonstrations of memory and powerhouse recall systems with more than 25,000 CEO’s and 300,000 professionals and students across 50 countries since 1980.

Scott’s next generation MemoryPower systems give the busy executive and professional precise tools and targeted skills to “remember” the business critical data that closes more sales and inspires lasting customer relationships. Students discover how to learn better, smarter, and faster and to out-perform their peers in every measure of academic success. Audiences are absolutely amazed at the immediate and powerful results his systems and methods produce.

Scott’ has appeared on radio and TV and in newspaper stories, has by-lined articles and written books, and produced audio and DVD training materials used by tens-of-thousands worldwide.

From CEO’s in Hong Kong to students in London, employees in Dubai to sales people in Sydney, everyone who has experienced Scott Bornstein walks away enthralled, inspired, and prepared to profit personally and professionally from their powerhouse memory abilities for a lifetime of accomplishment and success.

Bornstein Memory Training … making more than one million memory experts since 1952.

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Christopher Morin
Student Programs

Christopher is simply brilliant.

When he is not training future memory experts at student workshops for Scott, he is teaching college undergrads as an adjunct professor at The City College of New York. In his spare time he travels extensively, writing and photographing for a prominent news magazine (most recently in North Korea).  Christopher also plays the Theremin, walks tightrope, and competes in road races.  His past work includes a tenure in the FDNY as an EMT, as well as teaching English in Japan.

In the words of his department chairperson, Dr. Robert Melara, at CCNY … “Adjunct Professor Morin is one of the most outstanding instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  His charismatic and innovative teaching style has earned him superlative student and professional reviews.  His students have shown great advances in enthusiasm for learning, accompanied by dramatic improvements in study habits, memory, and grades.”