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At what age can you learn the memory systems?

Anyone at any age can train their memory! Actually, the older you get, the better your memory should become. It’s basic, recalling information is a skill set and only the lucky few have ever been taught a SYSTEM to know HOW to use it. We know because we have been making memory experts since 1952.

How long does it take to see results?

In less than 15 minutes you will begin to experience surprising results in memory ability. Using our systematic approach, you will see amazing performance changes as you progress from the MemoryPower Basics and move into the Advanced systems. With each skill learned and practiced comes newfound confidence. Your brain is actually re-wiring itself, becoming more efficient and faster making “memory” happen.

Within 10 days your powers of memory, observation, concentration and focus reach fluency and competency. Within 21 days you will experience a commanding proficiency and, if you follow the Complete Memory Training Solution of in-depth practices, you will achieve a level of expertise that less than 1% ever achieve!

Is there a difference between a small group vs large group workshop experience?

Not at all! Whether it’s 12 executives, 80 students or 1400 sales professionals, every person experiences an amazing combination of jaw-dropping entertainment (the demonstrations of memory power will blow you away) mixed generously with enthusiastic self-discovery, small group interaction and explosive increase in memory performance. It’s the most fun you will ever have as an audience!

Can I attend or send a group to participate in Scott's program?

Consult Scott’s schedule listed under RESOURCES Speaker PDFs tab to see his availability. Typically we offer several “open to the public” workshops a year, subject to demand. If Scott is already scheduled to your city, let us know your interest and we’ll  put our heads together to find a way to get a program on the calendar. Send us a note or call 888.711.1215.

Do students benefit more than adults?

They both benefit equally. The need to absorb, organize, synthesize and recall information is the same throughout life. Students, we have a special workshop for you. Professionals and executives, we know what earns you business. Adults, have the most stimulating learning you’ve had in decades.

We are all judged not only by how much we can remember, but how well and quickly we can recall it! Are you ready to have your memory trained?

Do you work with schools?

Every chance we can. In addition to training teachers to help students learn more prodigiously, Scott’s first business was teaching students to pass high-stakes standardized tests like the SAT/PSAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT/LSAT and later worked with teachers to help them pass their teacher certification exams (CBEST/CSET). Perhaps we could arrange for Scott to speak at your son or daughter’s school (school-wide assembly, teacher inservice) as a “thank you” for bringing him to your company or event?

Do you offer after-workshop follow-ups?

You bet. In addition to experiencing a rigorous dose of brain-changing memory training, precise tools, handouts, relevant strategies, and actionables, you will also receive follow-up reviews and practices to guide your progress and success. Not only will you find personal and professional value from the methods, you will have a newfound expertise you can share that will benefit colleagues, clients, and family alike!

What's the most effective way to learn the systems?

Take your pick … in a group, dvd/cd guided instruction, one-to-one coaching, reading how-to’s. All get results, the only question is the time and effort invested to reach your goal.

When do children begin to doubt their memory?

Typically it begins at  2nd or 3rd grade when the subject matter becomes abstract … spelling, multiplication/division, states & capitals, vocabulary, recalling details from stories. Lack of success turns to performance anxiety, and eventually poor focus, effort, and crippling self-beliefs. Words, numbers, speeches, facts & details, names & faces,  … all are within reach with a trained memory.

Will I get as much value from the dvd/cd memory training as in the workshop experience?

Yes! The complete memory training solution is just that – complete. The combined punch of the dvd/cd training includes the processes and practices you would find in a live workshop, with generally more examples to drill-down the systems. In fact, you have the added advantage of learning at your own schedule and pace, not to mention the ability to share the learning with family or co-workers.

Scott’s dvd/cd training tour-de-force will take you step-by-step into learning the systems and how to apply them. Follow the air-tight training schedule found in the Complete MemoryTraining Solution and 36 days is all you need to realize mastery of all the memory power systems and applications. If you have 21 days, the shorter sales & professionals or academic success  bundle will speed you to your goal.

Do you offer One-to-One training or coaching?

For those who have a specific learning goal in mind, perhaps One-to-One coaching may be just your speed. Once you have the basics under your belt, all you need is a little personalized memory training to help you simplify, organize, and reduce that challenging BHAG down to bite-size accomplishable steps!

How does your program help students studying for the SATs?

Unlike other test-prep programs, our students first learn how to be memory experts for verbal and math content and concepts. Take away the fear of “forgetting” is the first order of business. Then student is primed to “remember” the strategies and short-cuts that give them a total competitive advantage and higher scores. In addition, we stress how the memory tools will help academic performance as well as help them connect those valuable skills to managing the rigors of college studies. It’s the complete package.

By the way, Dr. Marilyn K. Simon has taught every level of math from elementary to post-grad students, mentors PhD candidates, chairs math departments, consults on  curriculums, and wrote the book on how to overcome math anxiety for anyone with shaky math confidence. For more than 25 years we’ve been offering the Best-Prep.

How do these methods help seniors with memory loss?

As the population age rises, so does concern about Alzheimer’s Disease (which affects approximately 9.5% of the population over 70). Another 8% experience amnesic Mild Cognitive Impairment (aMCI). The research shows clear improvement for those experiencing mild cognitive impairment and aMCI when they introduce basic memory training fundamentals – ie, explicit memory training strategies – Object Location Association (OLA) – in a cognitive rehabilitation/cognitive intervention.

The process provides specific cues and explicit reinforcement strategies: 1) introduce feature within a room near location of the object to be remembered; 2) provide verbally based reason that links the object to that specific feature; 3) encourage participant to close their eyes and create a detailed mental image of object, feature, reason; and 4) subsequent reviews elicit recall, in order: feature, reason, location of object in room.

The gains were immediate and the level of performance was stable within and across the sessions. Recall persisted at least one month after training (this is considered long-term). Explicit (guided) memory training was effective at basic (content specific) level and there was a demonstrated increase in attention and personal meaning. CONCLUSIONS: Semantic Elaboration Improves Memory.

Will your methods help students with learning challenges?

From what teachers and parents tell us, the improvement they see in focus and recall is demonstrable. Whether it’s dyslexia or ADD/ADHD or high functioning LD, students with learning challenges quickly connect with the fundamentals of the memory training process. Generally dominant visual (and often kinesthetic) learners, they are thrilled that someone gives them “permission” to methodically learn the way their brain’s are wired. Sometimes an outside-the-box approach can jumpstart the confidence needed to succeed.